Pheno Hunt Brings In New Wave of Products!

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We have begun one of the most exciting phases in our cultivation, Pheno hunting some of the more exclusive and rare genetics seen in Cannabis.

You might be asking yourself, what is a Pheno hunt and why is it important to Next Green Wave? We are carefully selecting rare genetics from some of the most sought after breeders. Rare and special genetics are not often shared and only released through personal relationships from trusted grower to grower relationships, very rarely would they make their way into the hands of a corporate cannabis company. Next Green Wave has always been a grassroots cannabis company that happens to be publicly traded and not a public company trying to run a cannabis facility. As a result, our key employees and management have fostered key relationships over decades of cultivation practice that have allowed NGW to explore some revolutionary and exciting strains.

Hunting these genetics isn’t as easy as planting seeds in the ground and hoping they turn into something great, it is done through a test garden planting multiple variations of the same genetics you are hunting, then selecting only the best variety to take into production. This method ensures what you are growing is very special and selected for various reasons including: terpene profile (taste flavor and smell) along with potency and other characteristics we are looking for.

To give you a highlight of some of our favorites that are rising to the top of the list take a look at two stars below:

Pheno Hunt: LeMans

Bred by @SwampBoysSeeds

Grown and selected by Next Green Wave

Pheno Hunt: Grape Sundae

Bred by @reallycannarado

Grown and selected by Next Green Wave

New Wave of NGW Branded Products In R&D

We have a few exciting new products in the R&D phase. We want to ensure all products that have the Next Green Wave badge are of the highest standards including components like hardware and packaging. Keep your eyes peeled for 100% Next Green Wave branded products hitting shelves with minimal packaging.

New next green wave products to look out for hitting shelves in California!

Full Spectrum Vapes – these are true sauce cartridges made with full spectrum oil and terpenes in a perfect blend that is about the freshest, nicest tasting product you can find on the market. It is not made from distillate like many other cartridges out there, and this new addition to the lineup we are affectionately calling the Sauce Stick.

NGW PreRolls – our prerolls are made from only indoor hand trimmed flower. These are the smaller buds from our premium flower that currently goes out in 1/8 jars. We never use outdoor or trim like many other companies, we are only using select choice flower giving a truly premium flower experience. We also made the packaging as minimal as possible by design to save cost while delivering the highest quality product we could to our consumers.

NGW Gummies – We have had a major demand for Next Green Wave Gummies which we are calling “Green Halo”. These gummies are unique given we have gone the extra steps to make sure they are full spectrum. These gummies are made with the full spectrum of the cannabis plant not only isolated THC. This gives the consumer a more complete representation of the cannabis plant by offering many of the other minor cannabinoids in the formulation, providing a premium experience through the finest ingredients.

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