Creating a ripple effect

Next Green Wave is proud to be at the forefront of an industry that is transitioning with society into legalization, with global audiences closely watching as we integrate into the communities and businesses we operate within.
As a vertically-integrated business that spans across several sectors we realize the powerful impact we can have and are prioritizing growing an organization based on integrity, safety and stewardship.


Next Green Wave is determined to create a wave that sparks new opportunities for our communities and cultivates a healthy and safe environment.

We started building a solid relationship with the City of Coalinga back in 2017 and since then, we’ve seen this collaboration strengthen, being supported by key community members: the Mayor, City Planner, City Manager, Police Chief, Fire Chief. In Oct 2018, we worked with the City Hall and hosted a job fair which yielded a turnout of more than 150 citizens. Subsequently, these initiatives materialized 6 months later, in April 2019, when we hosted a 3 day on-boarding session at a local hotel and conference center for our new employees.

Additionally, we have implemented action plans to support local schools, programs and offer education and development training for potential recruits. As our success grows, so will our impact on this fantastic city and we look forward to being the employer of choice for not only Coalinga, but its surrounding areas too.

Current Initiative

NGW is a proud sponsor of the Annual Coalinga Fest.

We take security seriously so are also proud to support the 1st Annual K9 Dinner Auction to re-establish and maintain the Coalinga Police Department K9 unit.

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We are committed to preserving gardens beyond our facility walls. In order for all of us to flourish we have to manage our natural resources; from smart power management practices to packing and shipping, we are putting measures in place that help reduce our ecological footprint and limit the impact on the environment.

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