Cultivating Solid Partnerships

In order to advance our world-class nursery, we have teamed up with global biotechnology leader Intrexon to develop custom hybrid strains using their high-throughput plant regeneration Botticelli™ platform.

The Botticelli™ platform is an advanced tissue culture technology designed to enable efficient propagation of plants. When applied to cannabis, Botticelli™ offers potential for a sustainable, scalable, and more economical solution than conventional clones. For details on the program read the March 22 News Release.

Together we will be pursuing to develop strains that are immune to harmful pathogens, improve plant consistency and optimize plant traits to bring to market. Next Green Wave and Intrexon will be conducting the groundwork from our Research & Innovation Facility scheduled to open later in 2019.

For more details about the Botticelli™ cloning method view our Infographic.

In order to expand our footprint beyond the California borders and secure access into international markets, we have begun to make strategic investments in companies such as Organic Medical Growth —a Canadian Co. focused on producing and commercializing CBD products derived from medicinal and industrial cannabis in Colombia. Through OMG’s current distribution channel of 7,300 pharmacies, Next Green Wave has the opportunity to license its collection of brands + products into the Colombian market, a potential reach of 6 million patients.

OMG3 has plans to launch an IPO later this year and has recently entered a JV with Cannabolland Cluster S.A.S, a vertical biotech network of companies based in Meta, Colombia. Connabolland bundles companies with cannabis licenses by restructuring the companies and consolidating the licenses, and further providing them with technical knowledge and infrastructure. Through the JV, OMG has access to the planned production of cannabis on 5,000 hectares of land with possible extension of the cultivation licenses.

OMG is working on the launch of 9 cannabis-based topical products under the OMG brand. The first 2 products from the OMG portfolio in Colombia will be distributed across Ortix network of 7,300 stores within the next few months.

For details on the transaction please read the March 15 News Release.

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