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By November 25, 2020News Releases

Our mission at NGW has always been clear and it goes way beyond the potential for revenue or attracting new cannabis stock  investors. Our mission is about people and change, progress for all that is rooted with a passion for the plant we grow.

ALL of the people who work for NGW believe in the power of the plant, many of our team members have been advocating for Cannabis long before it was legal. It is part of our daily routines and part of our healing. For some it has been the creative force or calming energy needed along life’s path.

The Cannabis industry hasn’t always been the way we know it today, with bright shiny packaging, dispensaries that look like high fashion boutiques and cannabis companies traded in public markets. Knowing a bit of how life was before cannabis was legal could help paint a greater picture of why passion runs so deep with our team. At a point in history not very long ago, and in many cases continuing even today across parts of our country, there is still a great stigma and legal fear for many people in the cannabis industry. For people who have always believed in creating great change, for knowing what this plant has done in their own lives, it was always worth taking the risks because it was about something much bigger.

It almost goes without saying that we understand what we worked on in 2020 is a great privilege. We are thankful to be able to operate one of California’s most premier legal cannabis cultivation facilities. We know that what we are doing is bigger than any one person and the impact of our work could change people’s lives forever.

The Power Of Cannabis
This plant we are cultivating has been part of human history and our evolution. It is hard wired into every single person though our endocannabinoid system. The potential for healing and a world changed is only in its infancy.

As more studies take place, what people have known for years through experience start to get validation including the use for pain, nerves and more as recently mentioned by Harvard Medical.

As recently mentioned by the Mayo Clinic reporting that medical cannabis has possible benefit for several conditions including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis and muscle spasms
  • Severe and chronic pain
  • Severe nausea

Watching the rate of change and new innovations that take place each day only make what we are doing even more interesting.

Cannabis Technology Creating New Innovation

Quality products have always been part of our ethos, we could never put anything out we are not proud of. We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible daily with new tech and refined timeless methods.

We are always chasing perfection and the target moves every day. We like to think no matter how high your cannabis is testing ( check this one out ), how many pounds you can produce, whatever your goals are there is always room to improve. If you look at improvements as a constant you can always get better.

Getting better results is not just for vanity, it is part of making clean products that consumers are looking for that truly bring the benefits. Just look at how far things have progressed in the last 5-10 years, think back to your days of hot dabs and low testing flower!

Not Just About Revenue
It has never been only about producing revenue, however it is important for us to always be thinking of how we can bring value to our investors. As a team we have come a very long way this year setting our own personal record in October READ MORE HERE

We know that if we make quality products that resonate with our consumers that sales will follow. We have seen this as we rapidly expanded our retail footprint across California. This happened without a massive sales team, without paying slotting fees, this happened because of consumer demand for our products.

The People Make The Company
As mentioned above, we know that the magic sauce for what we are doing starts with the people involved. It isn’t one person although we do have some rockstars on our team. It is a collective of all of this life experience and cannabis experience coming together and challenging each other and working as one team.

If you haven’t had a chance to look inside our walls, check out this video tour our day feels more like a choreographed dance. The building is always in motion and the people involved work in sync with each other as our perpetual harvest cycle has NO off button!

NGW trim team member holding a hand trimmed Wedding Cake bud

How To Grow With Grace And Clear Vision
As we grow we have found that it is important we grow with grace and clear vision that starts at the interview.

We want to make sure that anyone we hire is a fit for the family and we generally are slow to hire even though we are rapidly growing. We have a mission to make a big impact and it is a gift to have the chance to make a difference with our team.

Our CEO has cast a vision for where we want to go and what we can accomplish. While not a typical Cannabis CEO in the public world, Mike brings a legacy of experience that is highly respected by peers and our team. Check out his recent interview in Forbes

While most of the team comes to the table with a unique skill set, we also educate and sharpen each other as we evolve to level up. Many of the members of our team are locals from our small town of Coalinga who have started with us in entry level positions and through hard work and skill development have been promoted into roles that fit their passion level and capabilities.

We wish we could let you meet each one of our team members and hear from them why they come to work each day, everyone will have a different story but one thing that will be similar is our passion for the future vision, and we are just getting started!

The Results
The results of our hard work have been a labor of love that is well worth the effort. Our top quality products and Next Green Wave are known for being world class and can be found across California.

One of the most exciting parts about our growth is that we have developed something that is even more important than a digital presence or how many shops you are in: word of mouth. We have been building a massive following of consumers who are waiting for each new flower drop or product release. These consumers are more than customers; they have become family and fans with an unprecedented loyalty for the brand and help spread the word to new shops and areas across California.

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