Next Green Wave Sauce Carts On Shelves Across California

By September 16, 2020September 23rd, 2020News Releases

It’s official, Next Green Wave Sauce Carts have hit shelves across California. This is in a totally different category than your standard “vape” this is a non-distilled sauce with COA’s coming back at 85% THC and 95% total cannabinoids.

In other words, the Sauce is extra terpy, single source, strain specific with:

  • no distillate
  • no synthetic anything
  • 100% all natural

Quite simply, this is a pure and natural experience. As consumers develop a more sophisticated palate, they demand more complexity and quality in final products; similar to connoisseurs in industries like wine. This drives product innovation and continues to re-establish what the benchmark is.

These new carts are out in the market in a big way, you can find them in locations in LA, Oakland and Bay areas. These first shops make up part of the growth plan for NGW and our expansion into other products that help us increase revenue and market share in California.

“The successful launch of our Next Green Wave Sauce cart highlights our ability to create high margin top quality consumer product goods in the most sophisticated market, within a very competitive category. As such, we look for this product to be a significant driver of top line revenue and EBITDA moving forward.” – Mike Jennings CEO – Next Green Wave












In addition to the the full spectrum Sauce Carts, you can also now find NGW PreRolls, our prerolls are made from only indoor hand trimmed flower. These are the smaller buds from our premium flower that currently goes out in 1/8 jars. We never use outdoor or trim like many other companies, we are only using select choice flower giving a truly premium flower experience. We also made the packaging as minimal as possible by design to save cost while delivering the highest quality product we could to our consumers.


Coming Very Soon

Green Halo Gummies by Next Green Wave are in the R&D phase. We want to ensure all products that have the Next Green Wave badge are of the highest standards including all ingredients used. Keep your eyes peeled for 100% Next Green Wave branded products hitting shelves with minimal packaging.

We have had a major demand for Next Green Wave Gummies which we are calling “Green Halo”. These gummies are unique given we have gone the extra steps to make sure they are full spectrum. These gummies are made with the full spectrum of the cannabis plant not only isolated THC. This gives the consumer a more complete representation of the cannabis plant by offering many of the other minor cannabinoids in the formulation, providing a premium experience through the finest ingredients.

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