Growing value from the ground up

Growing – Packaging – Shipping – Marketing

Diversified Operations

Our production headquarters are located in Coalinga, California in the heart of the state’s agricultural zone —a mecca for year-round gardening and food production. Our property spans over 15 acres and has been pre-zoned by the city for cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.

Having applied the latest growing techniques and hired top talent of gardeners and cannabis aficionados we opened the doors to our cutting-edge 32,000 sq ft indoor cultivation facility in October of 2019.

The facility is now operating at optimal capacity, and even runs a research and development program in partnership with global biotech leader Precigen.

Adjacent to our cultivation facility is our 3,240 sq ft extraction building that is currently being reformed. Once completed, it will be used to manufacture and package our premium spectrum oils and exclusive cannabis products.

Next Green Wave’s diversified operations also include WEARESDC, a wholly-owned subsidiary that manages our legacy brands and newly launched CBD store located in San Diego.

Our Corporate Office is located in Vancouver, Canada and provides support to all our business enterprises and stakeholders of Next Green Wave.


Gene to sale


At Next Green Wave we select the traits we grow.  Through innovation and cutting-edge technology, we expedite the growth cycle and produce cannabis seeds that root integrity, quality and variety.

Our nursery

  • Holds a library of 120 connoisseur cultivars
  • Employs advanced tissue culture technology*
  • Growing capacity of 80,000 plantlets
  • Permitted for sale of seeds, seedlings and clones to retail and wholesale clients

* In partnership with global innovator Intrexon’s proprietary BotticelliTM platform, we are set to advance tissue culturing technologies that produce pathogen free, consistent premium plantlets ready for the fast-evolving markets.


Growing is our craft


We are in pursuit of cultivating premium cannabis that is fit for all lifestyles and that customers can consistently trust. From seed to sale.

Our cultivation facility is equipped with advanced growing technologies and systems to mitigate risk and increase product quality and output:

  • 14 grow rooms with 50 lights
  • Harvest every 10-14 days
  • 25 years of cultivation experience
  • State-of-the-art climate control and watering system
  • Proprietary design
  • Grown, handpicked, hand trimmed, and dried on site.



Capturing the essence of the cannabis plant is more than technique -it’s an art.

Our exclusive extraction method is a delicate and intense process that maintains the integrity of the cannabis plant and produces oils that capture the essence of what we grow.

  • 6 Star water hash from WPFF (whole plant fresh frozen)
  • Industry leading full spectrum oil – never winterized
  • Exclusive terpene capturing process
  • Use of whole plant, solvent free, full spectrum, strain specific, distillate free
  • Ultra premium proprietary extraction technology
  • Manufacturing exclusive cannabis products


Product and Distribution

This division of our vertically integrated business is the force that brings our prolific brands to market.

From the packaging and design to pursuing a pharmaceutical delivery model that allows us to work closely with our partners and retailers.

SDC brand house (WEARESDC)
  • Collaboration with brand affiliates to develop and design product and marketing strategies that engage specific consumer types
  • Access to multiple California dispensaries and exclusive retailers
  • Distribution license in place, allowing us to distribute product for licensed third-parties as well as our own brands and partners